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The Airdrome is an advanced helipad that specializes in the production of Wraith Bombers. Due to the high cost of the bombers, only 3 of these facilities may be present at a time for each commander.

Official description

These large heliports contain all the supplies necessary to construct the Brotherhood of Nod's Wraith Bombers. Without at least one facility located in a Nod base, construction of these massive bombers is impossible.[1]


The Airdrome produces the following aircraft:

Cameo Name Description
TI Nod Mosquito Cameo.png Mosquito Drone
  • Genesis Legion's support gunship
  • Armed with a Tiberium Auto-gun that can eliminate lightly armoured units and infantry
TI Nod Wraith SCN-3B Cameo.png Wraith Bomber
  • Nod's heavy bomber
  • Its plasma bombs can level bases and armies in a single run
  • Has 3 ammunition
  • Only 3 may be present at a time (one per building)


  • Before version 0.9, this structure was called the Wraith Supply Facility.

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