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Atlas is a first generation Templar created as part of Project ReGenesis. During his construction the intended cyborg suffered a malfunction, leading to the development of a personality. Due to their inability to correct this, Nod scientists scheduled the cyborg for dissection in a further attempt to discover and rectify the fault.

Atlas managed to avoid this fate, escaping and joining the Forsaken. It is unknown how this was accomplished however the leading theory is that the individual known as Reaver, due to his close ties to Atlas, is responsible for the cyborg's liberation.

Official description

Atlas is a defective first generation Templar created by Nod but currently aligned with the Forsaken. The following is an excerpt from a log recovered from the ruins of the facility that housed him:

"Templar-268 has been scheduled for dissection. The subject posses' an anomalous neurology that has resulted in multiple performance issues. It is unknown whether this biological quirk existed prior to Tiberium augmentation or if it developed due to it. Investigation into the screening logs show that the subject passed all examinations, nonetheless administrative negligence has not been ruled out. 268's interesting brain chemistry has resulted in the emergence of a somewhat contrarian personality as well as a severe defect in their implanted IFF system. Because of this issue 268 is unable to utilise deadly force against designated targets due to fluctuating friend or foe readings. Further study of the subject's unusual neurology is required if we are to understand and correct potential future cases."

Atlas utilises an EMP cannon as his primary weapon. This is possibly due to his defective IFF system. Little else is currently know about him, other than that he has close ties with the mutant known as Reaver.[1]

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