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Global defense initiated.

The Behemoth is a massive GDI artillery vehicle that entered service during the Second Tiberium War.

Official description

Equipped with dual Metal Storm Howitzers consisting of sixteen 155mm barrels, the Behemoth is the pinnacle of GDI's artillery divisions. Designed over several years in tandem with GloboTech and fielded shortly before the Emerald Peak Massacre, its state of the art design would later be used as the basis for GDI's Mammoth Walker. The initial practical tests were overseen by Colonel Nigel "Gunner" Grant, the GDI liaison in charge of the Behemoth's trial phase.

While the Behemoth is armed with an incredible payload and encased in heavy armour plating, it's helpless against aircraft and enemy attackers that have managed to get within its minimum range, as such it is advised that a protective escort be provided during combat operations.

Because of the high cost of tech and supplies, only three can be constructed at a time.[1]


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