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Privatejfx141 Privatejfx141 2 October 2019

Wiki update

I should have made this post months ago...

Hello! As you may have not already noticed, I am the founder of the Twisted Insurrection Wiki. I have been part of the Wikia community for a while, being a former editor of the Command & Conquer Wiki and the Mental Omega APYR Wiki.

I always viewed Twisted Insurrection as some sort of companion piece along with Mental Omega and Rise of the Reds: well-polished and critically acclaimed mods. I was surprised to see that this mod did not have a wiki already, so I decided to create this one. The wiki mostly follows the Mental Omega and the Rise of the Reds Wikis in terms of template style.

I am a lurker on the TI Discord, and I want to clarify a thing believed by some. This wiki was created as an unofficial w…

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