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The subject of this article is from previous version(s) of Twisted Insurrection, which might contradict current information and are to be taken as reference.

Bridge Issue is a cut mission which used to be the second part of the third GDI mission in Twisted Insurrection prior to version 0.9. It was the first mission in the GDI campaign where base building is involved.


Excellent job escorting General Sheppard to the evac zone, Commander. He has safely boarded the transport, and is currently en route to an old GDI airbase nearby.

Unfortunately, our scouts report that airbase has just recently been occupied by Nod forces, meaning the General is still in danger. We're going to need you to clear Nod from that base so that Sheppard can be safely airlifted to our command center.

Due to the lack of transports at our disposal, the majority of your taskforce is still awaiting evacuation from the beachhead. The forces available to you for this mission are thus limited. On the other hand, Sheppard has procured us some prototypes of a test vehicle that was never put into production: the "Dragonfly" HVR. These vehicles could potentially prove useful in removing enemy presence from the airbase.

Objective 1: Locate the GDI airbase.
Objective 2: Escort General Sheppard to the airbase.

Key units

TI GDI Dragonfly Cameo.png TD GDI MCV Cameo.png


Taking out the Power

After the Commander rescued General Sheppard, they travelled to an old GDI airbase nearby for the General to be airlifted. However, once the Commander and Sheppard arrive, they find that the airbase has been occupied by Nod; Nod forces have already set up a base in the connecting central island with Obelisks of Light defending the area.

Sheppard grants the Commander three prototypes of the Skimmer LHV, which quickly proved useful. There was a set of Core Reactors to the northwest of the base which powered the defenses; they were conveniently surrounded by explosive munitions boxes. The Skimmers travelled in the waters around the base, taking out several Nod infantry and Recon Buggies guarding the way.

The Skimmers eventually destroyed all of the Core Reactors, knocking out the base power and disabling the Obelisks.

Eliminating the Nod Base

With the Obelisks disabled, GDI forces from the northeast moved in to eliminate the Nod base. Nod detonated the bridge directly connecting GDI to the base, forcing them to attack through the forest and underpass.

The APCs mowed down any Nod infantry that ran their way, while the Skimmers and Medium Tanks demolished the Nod buildings. As the GDI force moved closer towards the airbase, Nod once again detonated another bridge, this time the only bridge connecting to the airbase. Nod also started to set up defenses.

With the situation getting tense, Sheppard calls in an MCV, which arrived from the southwest along with two extra Skimmers and Medium Tanks.

Securing the Airbase

With a base set up, the GDI Commander builds up a formidable force to clear out all Nod forces occupying the airbase. After clearing out Nod from the central island, the Commander sends an Engineer to repair the bridge to the airbase.

GDI forces moved in to destroy the remaining Nod troops in the airbase. After an intense fight, the Communications Center was recaptured. With all Nod forces eliminated in the area, Sheppard is safely escorted to the airbase's landing zone to be transported by a Chinook.

Suddenly, a Nod airstrike was called in. A Raven jet flew in from the north and bombed the landing zone, instantly killing Sheppard.


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