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The Brotherhood of Nod (often shortened to Nod or the Brotherhood) is a global religiously developed movement and a highly militant society devoted to the guidance of the elusive and charismatic figure of Kane, and the extraterrestrial Tiberium substance that arrived on Earth in 1995. Since the end of the First Tiberium War, Nod has become the dominant superpower on Earth.

Nod is one of the two most recognized factions in the Tiberium universe, the other being its nemesis the Global Defense Initiative.


The Brotherhood's exact origin is unknown. According to the Brotherhood itself, it originated around 1800 BC, but this claim was dismissed by the GDI as exaggerated.

First Tiberium War

Second Tiberium War

Technology level

First Tiberium War

In various ways, the Brotherhood of Nod has always been technologically superior to GDI, despite initially having only the support of third world nations. It is not fully understood how the Brotherhood achieved technological superiority, though it is often linked to their access to alien technology, and their monopoly on Tiberium hidden behind corporate interests.

  • Laser technology: Nod used laser technology in large defense systems referred to as Obelisks of Light in major bases.
  • Stealth technology: Nod successfully developed a technology that would render a vehicle invisible to the naked eye, deployed in the Ezekiel's Wheel stealth tank.
  • Incendiary weapons: the flames of the Incinerator and the Pyradon brought terror to many GDI infantry.
  • Chemical weapons: Nod widely used Chemical Warriors, capable of firing bursts of short-lived corrosive Tiberium gas. Raven Bombers were armed with Tiberium bombs, levelling bases and armies in a single run.
  • Nuclear weapons: although rarely used, Nod held considerable amounts of nuclear warheads. These warheads were launched from the Temple of Nod.

Second Tiberium War

Having achieved the status as a global superpower, Nod has free reign to pursue their goal of an evolved and obedient humanity and a Tiberium world. Many of the technologies developed were considered by many to be alien and cruel, even within the Brotherhood itself.

  • Artificial intelligence: CABAL was developed and activated, and became Nod's equivalent of the GDI Electronic Video Agent.
  • Cybernetics: among the mainstays of Nod forces were cyborg infantry and Reapers. However, the use of cybernetics was deemed heretical by the Sons of Kane, who waged a civil war against the Inner Circle for their use.
  • Robotics: products of cybernetic developments and Nod brutality, unmanned robotic vehicles such as the Viper, Cleaver, and Redeemer unquestionably carried out the orders of Nod superiors.
  • Incendiary weapons: Nod continued to cause conflagrations with their new generation of flame tanks.
  • Subterranean technology: Nod drilled new pathways underground using the Termite APC and the Tremor Artillery.
  • Stealth technology: a new generation of stealth tanks entered service, as well as static stealth generators used to cloak entire bases. Ghosts were donned in stealthed suits to hijack GDI and GloboTech vehicles.


Genesis Legion

Sanctioned by the Inner Circle, the Genesis Legion oversees Nod's Tiberium and cybernetic developments. They are responsible for some of the Brotherhood's most sinister creations, including the Cyborg Reaper and Cyborg Paladin; and are not afraid to use them against Nod's enemies. One of their most infamous creation is the Infector, an augmented soldier armed with a Tiberium rifle capable of mutating its targets into mindless visceroids.

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