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The Buckshot MLRS is the GDI's multiple rocket launcher walker deployed during the Second Tiberium War.


This huge walker is one of the most powerful units at GDI's disposal. The MLRS walker moves very slowly due-to it's heavy load and is lightly armoured in order to avoid slower movement. The weapon carried by the MLRS walker is a huge Rocket System capable of firing up to 16 missiles at a time. The missiles are fired straight from the rocket hatch travelling at high speeds destroying things with ease.

While the MLRS walker looks intimidating it has a few setbacks such as inaccuracy, light armour and of course it's very slow pace. When the MLRS walker is going into combat it normally travels in no more than groups of two or three as the weapon is unpredictable and dangerous to any nearby units, including friendly units.[1]


  • Before version 0.8, the Buckshot MLRS used the voiceset of the Juggernaut from Tiberium Wars.
  • In version 0.8, the Buckshot MLRS is repurposed as a secret unit, as such it can only be produced after acquiring both a GDI and Nod Technology Center. The stated reason for this change was that the unit's weapon makes it more of a liability than an asset. The developers have instead chosen to improve the Phalanx Railgun (formerly dubbed Railgun Platform).
  • Posts by the Devs have revealed that the unit is being revamped with the old weapon replaced by a Multiple Discus Launcher. It's currently unknown if the unit will be returning to the regular build tree.

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