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Burn, Baby, Burn is the second Nod mission in Twisted Insurrection.



It seems our victory over GDI wasn 't as absolute as we initially thought. Even though the UN has formally capitulated, stubborn elements of GDI have refused to die, scuttling about like the insects they truly are.

One of our air patrols has located several small groups of GDI infantry in the surrounding forest. They appear to be aided by the same militia you encountered in your last assignment. It is unknown as to what exactly these pests are up to, but whatever it is, it is defiance against Kane 's will and therefore must be dealt with.

Use this INCINERATOR team to purify the forest of enemy forces. Once the area is secured, locate the nest of these vermin and burn it to the ground.


Objective 1: Eliminate all enemy forces in the area.

Objective 2: Locate and destroy the enemy base camp.


The Nod Commander starts on western edge of the map with small squad of Incinerators. Ahead stands forest and few farmhouses, in which the rebels forces are hiding. The Commander is tasked with burning out all the rebels. This is made slightly more complicated by a GloboTech outpost located in middle of the forest, and the fact that only few Nod infantrymen man are scattered around the region. When the outpost is shattered by detonating some explosive barrels, and the forest cleansed of enemy presence.[And newfound Tiberium algae discovered] a larger GloboTech facility is revealed, which has been supplying the enemy militia with weapons and equipment. The Nod Commander is granted reinforcements consisting of Light Tanks and Flame Tanks. With these fresh forces, The Brotherhood is then able to wipe out the opposition with relative ease.