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Compulsions is the fourteenth Nod mission in Twisted Insurrection.



Sarajevo, home to our holiest temple, and the last known location of Kane, before the incident that reformed this entire region nearly 20 years ago.

After our initial investigations the Inner Circle declare that the area be left undisturbed, naturally outposts were maintained to monitor the region, a cruel hope that he would return.

We have reason to believe there are still unexplored vaults beneath the Temple that may contain the data we 're looking for. Such evidence is crucial to us -- we MUST acquire the logs in order to prove to the "Sons of Kane " that cybernetics really are vital to Kane's vision, and to finally end this senseless conflict.

Escort your Ghost to the derelict Temple of Nod so that he can secure the files, but be careful, Commander -- various hostiles have been noted throughout the region. Good luck, my brother. I prey Kane will forgive our trespass but it must be done.


Objective 1: Locate and investigate the Temple of Nod.