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Firing sequence engaged.
—Cyborg Disciple

The Cyborg Disciple is the anti-personnel cyborg infantry unit used by the Brotherhood of Nod during the Second Tiberium War.

Official description

The Cyborg Disciples form the bulk of Nod's cybernetic army. Their heavy armour means it can soak up small arms fire with little effect; their arm-mounted Vulcan Cannon can mow down enemy infantry and even destroy light vehicles with little effort. Cyborg Disciples, though being the lowest-ranking cyborg units, are incredibly resilient and continue to function even after suffering horrific damage. Their mutated flesh means that they can regenerate on even the smallest patch of Tiberium though they aren't capable of replacing lost limbs.

Although possessing immense firepower and physical resilience for an infantry unit, Disciples are slow moving and are vulnerable to anti-armour munitions. Their targeting systems are sensitive to interference from Ion Storms, rendering them harmless until the storm passes, however their biggest flaw is their susceptibility to EMP weaponry which will immobilise them completely for a short period of time.[1]

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