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The Cyborg Reaper is a special cyborg walker created by Nod by the time of the Second Tiberium War.

Official description

Armed with twin ballistic missile launchers, these frightening constructs are known as Cyborg Reapers, near fleshless skulls coupled with quad all-terrain limbs, gives them a menacing arachnidesque silhouette, sowing unease in those that face them. However this design is not purely for psychological effect, but rather stability, making them a reliable mobile missile system threatening to enemy armour be it ground or air.

Initial Reaper prototypes were equipped with a net launcher for immobilising enemy infantry, for reasons unknown this feature wasn't carried over to the production model. In any event it would be adopted by Dr. Incandela's Infector program.

Although physically resilient, Cyborg Reapers are slow moving and are vulnerable to anti-armour weapons such as Discus grenades which can make short work of them. Also of note the Reaper's mechanical systems are susceptible to EMP and Ion Storms.

Due to their size Reaper construction has to be completed at the Fist of Nod, furthermore they are incapable of entering armoured personnel transports.[1]