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Knights of the Brotherhood!
—Cyborg Templar

The Cyborg Templar is the anti-armour cyborg infantry unit used by the Brotherhood of Nod during the Second Tiberium War.

Official description

Commonly referred to as 'Cannon' or 'Tachyon' Cyborgs after their signature weapon, these 2nd generation Templars are armed with a miniaturised tachyon pulser similar to that of the Eclipse Tank. The immense energy created by these physics defying particles can effectively reduce armoured targets to little more than slag. Additionally the Templars themselves have been up-armoured since the prototype model, replacing all organic appendages with mechanical equivalents and encasing the remainder of their flesh within an armoured carapace. These improvements have made them an incredibly durable weapons platform.

Although possessing immense firepower and physical resilience for an infantry unit, Templars are slow moving and are vulnerable to anti-armour munitions. Their targeting systems are sensitive to interference from Ion Storms, rendering them harmless until the storm passes, however their biggest flaw is their susceptibility to EMP weaponry which will immobilise them completely for a short period of time.[1]


  • Prior to version 0.7, this unit was called the Tachyon Cyborg.

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