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Desperate Measures is the first GDI mission of Twisted Insurrection.



The UN Council has given into Nod 's manipulation. Ordering GDI to stand down for "substantial restructuring ". Needless to say this would leave us a mere token force and allow Kane to do as he pleases.

With the UN compromised, our only option is to cooperate with GloboTech, a private arms manufacturer and tech giant. We haven 't received confirmation from General Sheppard yet but we 're out of time. Colonel Owen has arranged a meeting with Globotech -- escort him to the rendezvous while avoiding UN checkpoints.

The local GDI base is already being decommissioned -- the colonel might be able to convince them to join us. if you can escort him to the base in time.


Primary Objective: Rendezvous with the GT delegate.

Secondary Objective: Rally the GDI base to our cause.

Key units

TI GDI Ranger Cameo.png TD GDI Humvee Cameo.png TD GDI Medium Tank Cameo.png


Colonel Owen meets the GloboTech delegate and the latter insists to discuss the arrangement at a safer place. Owen arrives at the GDI base and rallies its forces, which upsets the UN garrison.

Nod attacks the base after the United Nations forces did not show any hostile response and retreats. Owen meets the delegate again at a nearby hospital, only to be ambushed by Nod forces but in the end they succeed to escape.


  • Although it is an optional objective, it is highly recommended that you reactivate the GDI base to make the rest of the mission much easier. When the mission starts, you can rush just the Command Humvee to base. After Owen gives his speech and reactivates the base, there will only be two groups of Nod forces attacking and that's it. You can later pump out Rangers to defend the evac zone in the last objective.


  • Before version 0.8, Last Chance was the first GDI mission, which also included the introductory sequences.
  • The location of the GloboTech representative is randomized on every playthough.