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Eagles Fall is the sixteenth and final Nod mission in Twisted Insurrection.



Despite your efforts, GDI has managed to get their Ion Cannon into orbit. In addition, we discovered something alarming while attacking the ICARUS development facility. GDI is mass producing MAMMOTH walkers, mobile battle stations with enormous firepower. Their production is centered in a recently built but heavily fortified facility. We cannot let this production continue, so we 're launching a full-scale attack on the area.

The Mammoths are not the only reason we 're attacking this site, as GDI 's General Owen has moved his COMMAND CENTER to this location. Taking him out and crippling GDI 's morale is your main objective.

We must establish a base in the area. There 's an abandoned Nod base nearby that GDI captured from the Sons of Kane. Liberating this base should gain us the foothold we need and open a route for further reinforcements. Good luck, Commander.


Objective 1: Recapture the abandoned Nod base.

Objective 2: Destroy GDI 's Command Center.