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One who devours the sun!
—Eclipse Tank

The Eclipse Heavy Tank is a Nod heavy tank.

Official description

Its development shrouded in mystery, the addition of a heavy tank marks the beginning of a shift in Nod’s combat doctrines since the end of the last war. The Eclipse sports a somewhat unconventional design, one protected by experimental composite plating capable of taking a beating while remaining lightweight enough to retain the speed and manoeuvrability Nod favours.

Its primary armament is a Tachyon Pulse Cannon, using the faster than light particle to deal significant amounts of damage to enemy armour. However, the weapon takes some time to recharge between shots. Further field tests have revealed that ion storms can interfere with the tachyon stream, harmlessly dispersing the projectile. As such, all Eclipse tanks have been outfitted with a secondary 75 mm cannon in case of significant ion activity.[1]

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