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The Firestorm Generator is a GDI defensive support building equal to the Nod Stealth Generator. It is unlocked after a GDI Technology Center has been built. It shares the same cameo, in-game structure, and sound effects as the Tiberian Sun variant.

Official description

The Firestorm Generator creates an infinitely high force field. Once the generator is constructed, special Firestorm Defense Emitters must be placed on the perimeter of an area to be defended, just like a wall. When activated, the force field that results from these emitters is impenetrable. The Firestorm Defence Generator consumes massive amounts of power. Because of this, it can only be active for a short period before it needs to recharge. The shield can be turned on and off at will.[1]


The Firestorm Generator is a support structure that generates a force field capable of destroying projectiles such as missiles and any units that are standing on the Firestorm Walls upon activation. It is unknown when the development of this was started after the UN retracted funding to GDI.

The Firestorm Generator works completely identical to the original Tiberian Sun version. The only difference is that they cannot block the Nod Apocalypse Missile and last considerably longer.


  • There is a slight bit of confusion as to how the generator works. In Tiberian Sun, the walls worked for a set time limit or until the generator was destroyed. However in Twisted Insurrection, firestorms last considerably longer. It is possible that the walls are damage based, meaning that the timer is reduced faster when the walls absorb more damage.

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