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Flight is the eight GDI mission in Twisted Insurrection. In which GDI re-establishes contact with one of it’s airbases, and uses it's re-built air force to confront a heavily entranced Nod base, specialized in the harvesting and research of a newly emergent red Tiberium stain.



We 've lost contact with Fort Morelli, a strategically important airbase in the Dinaric mountains, Bosnia. This base is our only foothold in the area and vital for tracking Nod 's movements in the Sarajevo Exclusion Zone. Take a small taskforce and re-establish contact with the base. Be warned, the area is crawling with enemy forces and hostile mutant fauna.


Objective: Make contact with the GDI airbase.


The GDI Commander starts the mission with a small reconnaissance force, consisting of infantry and light vehicles. As such the Commander should avoid direct confrontation with Nod forces unless necessary and use the veins to their advantage if caught in an engagement with enemy vehicles. The main focusing should be on finding the lost base located in south east of the map and a smaller support installation which grants the Commander their first Orca Manta, this aircraft is necessary to reach the main base. It’s crucial to clear out all SAM sites encountered, and to make the EMP discharge count as the Manta has only one shot and may only resupply at the main base.

After the Commander assumes control over the airbase, they are tasked with eliminating the Nod refining base located at other side of the map. Due to terrain difficulties the MCV must be delivered into close proximity to the refining base, via carry-all. But they should take care of all SAM sites within the area first. Nod won’t give up easily however, they attempt counter attack with a substantial force of Termite APCs and Tremor Artillery. Once the forward base is shored up it's only a matter of time till the Nod base is finally cracked, but victory is somewhat bittersweet coming at a high casualty rate.