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Friend in Need is the second GDI mission in Twisted Insurrection.



Well done, Commander. The GloboTech executives are impressed with how you handled the situation. They are already offering us their support. Your actions may have been the first step towards GDI 's rebirth.

Before we can proceed with further negotiations, we have agreed to escort a vital supply shipment to the nearby city of Chambery. Nod forces have surrounded the city, leaving the Globotech garrison trapped in downtown, Break through the siege and deliver the supplies before the city is overrun. Good Luck.


Objective: Escort the CONVOY TRUCKS safely to the city.

Key units

TI GDI Grenadier Cameo.png TI GT Guardian Cameo.png TI GT Vanguard Cameo.png TI GT Armadillo Cameo.png


Two filled GDI Humvees arrive at a small Globotech installation. There they meet with a convoy of three vehicles and is given small force consisting of basic infantrymen, light vehicles and a couple of tanks. Ahead lies a Nod outpost blocking the road. The first outpost can be easily taken head on, but same does not apply about larger base Nod constructed on the same road, further from Globotech's outpost. it is recommended to completely avoid the larger base or attack it from the rear. It is also a good idea to save some tanks and APCs for the flame tanks which patrol at enemy flanks, due to horrendous damage flame tanks can cause to GDI and Globotech forces.

After avoiding or eliminating the Nod base, the convoy can pass over bridge into the Globotech-protected city. A Nod strike force chases after the convoy, which leads friendly forces to blow up the bridge.