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Game Options are optional settings for skirmish and multiplayer. In different game modes, some settings might be permanently set to a certain value or enabled/disabled.

List of settings

Tech Level

Set the tech level of this game. Only units and buildings whose tech level is lower than the set value that can be built/trained by the player.

Possible values
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Starting Credits

Set the amount of credits each player starts with.

Possible values
5000 7500 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000

Game Speed

Set the speed of this game.

Possible values
Slowest (10 FPS) Slower (12 FPS) Slow (15 FPS) Medium (20 FPS) Fast (30 FPS) Faster (60 FPS) Fastest (MAX)

List of game options

  • Short Game: If enabled, an enemy will be defeated once all of their buildings (including defenses) are destroyed. Otherwise, an enemy will only be defeated once they have no buildings and units left.
  • Crates: If enabled, crates will randomly appear on the map.
  • Safe Crates Only: If enabled, only crates with positive bonuses will appear on the map. The "Crates" option must also be enabled for this option to have effect.
  • Build Off Ally: If enabled, players share their building zones with their allies, so they can build a structure in their ally's base.
  • Disable Support Powers: If enabled, players are not allowed to use any support powers in this game.
  • Multi Engineer: If enabled, it would now take 3 Engineers or Machinists to steal an enemy building, instead of 1.
  • Disable Engineers: If enabled, players are not allowed to build Engineers nor Machinists in this game.
  • Start Without Shroud: If enabled, the entire map is revealed at the start.
  • Shroud Regrows: If enabled, areas previously explored that do not have a friendly unit in the area will be covered up again with a lighter shade of the black shroud
  • Immune Harvesters
  • Harvester Bounty
  • No Silos
  • Instant Building: If enabled, the speed of building units or structures is increased, and all units and structures have the same build delay.
  • Destroyable Bridges: If enabled, bridges can be destroyed with explosive attacks such as artillery or cannons.
  • Tiberium Resistant Infantry: If enabled, infantry will not be hurt or affected when walking on Tiberium.
  • Berzerk Cyborgs
  • Capturable Base Defenses: If enabled, Engineers and Machinists are able to capture defense structures such as RPG Towers or cannon batteries.
  • Disable Tiberium Lifeforms: If enabled, Tiberium creatures such as visceroids and fiends will not spawn.
  • Disable Factory Bonus
  • Unlimited Tiberium: If enabled, Tiberium trees (Riparius) will continuously spread Tiberium.
  • Enable Base Props: If enabled, building accessories such as light posts and spotlight towers are available.
  • Free Radar: If enabled, radar is provided at the start, without building one.
  • Disable Tech Units
  • Disable Dawn Units
  • Disable 'Epic' Units
  • Enable Ion Storms: If enabled, ion storms may occur randomly, disabling radar, air and hover units, and also causing lightning to strike random sections of the map.

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