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Get the Rods Back is the first part of the fourth GDI Twisted Dawn mission.


Nod has captured classified GDI property. You must find and retrieve the stolen equipment. It is being transported in a shipping crate. Use the new APC to strategically transport infantry through Nod forces.

Objective 1: Retrieve the stolen rods.


Following GDI's success in the Baltics, Nod forces have push further into Eastern Europe. The Brotherhood has stolen several control rods from a Belarusian nuclear plant. These rods are part of necessary materials to build a nuclear device, so GDI sends a task force east to take the rods back in order to prevent Nod from potentially obtaining one.

The task force available to Solomon was rather limited. Having only several infantry, two APCs, and a Humvee, Solomon resorted to using speed and stealth rather than an all-out assault in order to regain the rods.

The pellet rods were successfully retrieved, setting back Nod's plans to assemble a nuclear weapon. However in the end this did not matter as Nod would manage to acquire them in their African campaign.