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Heavy armour, at your service!
—Goliath Tank

The Goliath Heavy Tank is the main battle tank of the GDI during the Second Tiberium War.

Official description

The M2 Generation IV Battle Tank, better known as the Goliath, forms the spearhead of GDI armoured battalions. Manufactured by GloboTech, the Goliath is derived from the Leopard 2 and X-66A Mammoth Tank, and successfully replaced the aging M1 Abrams as GDI's primary battle tank.

Standard armaments are over and under smoothbore 120mm tank guns that fire special Kinetic-Explosive shells designed to puncture even the toughest armour and subsequently detonate, dealing critical damage to the interior of an enemy vehicle. However, such high-precision weapons are often inefficient against fast and mobile infantry and treacherous Tiberium fauna. The Goliath has earned several nicknames from GDI veterans, the most popular being Mammoth JR. and Mini-Mammy.[1]


The Goliath Tank makes its first appearance in Fields of Green.

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