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The Hall of Faith is an advanced Nod barracks where the production of cyborg units takes place.

Official description

The Hall of Faith is an advanced Hand of Nod which is where the construction of advanced cyborg technology takes place.[1]


The Hall of Faith produces the following units:

Cameo Name Description
TI Nod Cyborg Disciple Cameo.png
Cyborg Disciple
  • Nod's anti-personnel cyborg unit
  • Armed with a Vulcan cannon to mow down enemy infantry
TI Nod Cyborg Templar Cameo.png
Cyborg Templar
  • Nod's anti-armour cyborg unit
  • Armed with a Tachyon pulse cannon effective against armoured units
TI Nod Cyborg Paladin Cameo.png
Cyborg Paladin
  • Nod's elite cyborg commando
  • Its plasma cannon disintegrates any enemy ground target in a furious explosion
  • Only 1 may be present at a time