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The Infector is a hero unit of the Brotherhood of Nod.

Official description

The Nod Infector commando specializes in Tiberium-based warfare and is also trained in how to handle Tiberium life forms up-close and personal. The Infector commando is armed with the SMR.2, a sniper rifle which fires capsules filled with a Tiberium mutagen that will instantly kill or mutate its target into a Visceroid within a matter of seconds. The Infector is feared by both GDI and GloboTech infantry. Since enemy infantry often try to flee once they catch sight of the Infector, Nod decided to arm the Infector with the YS.51 Web Grenade Launcher, which fires a grenade fitted with a proximity sensor. Once at the appropriate range the grenade will burst above the targets head, releasing a sticky web that will immobilize the target, making it easier for the Infector to eliminate them.

The Infector program is an offshoot of project Re-Genesis; candidates are selected from convicted Nod military personal awaiting execution. They are offered death or a chance of redemption in the Infector program. Little do those that accept the offer know that once the process is complete they will still be as good as dead, just not in the physical sense. After the initial screening process, the new candidate undergoes extensive mental conditioning and reprogramming to ensure their complete loyalty to the Brotherhood, erasing the subject's original personality in the process. The Candidates are subjected to Tiberium based alterations, both chemical and genetic, as well as cybernetic enhancement. If the subject survives the procedures, they will benefit from enhanced eyesight, hearing, strength and vastly increased reflexes, as well as the ability to heal when in contact with Tiberium. Unlike the random mutation suffered by the Forsaken, the Infector is stable, suffering none of the side effects of Tiberium poisoning.

Once they have had a chance to adapt to their physical changes, they are put through a grueling training regime and familiarized with their future combat gear, such as the Infector's advanced battle armour and their trademark weapons: the SMR.2 sniper rifle and the YS.51 Web Grenade Launcher.

Once they have earned the title of Infector, they are one of the Brotherhood's most effective and feared weapons. Many within the ranks of The Brotherhood consider the Infector candidates unworthy of the gift they are granted, as they become one-step closer to Kane's vision of perfection in accordance with the Cybernetics Program.[2]

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