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The Instigator is a Light Tank that first saw service under the command of the Black Hand during the closing battles of the First Tiberium War. It would go on to be adopted by the Sons of Kane.


The Instigator appears to be The Brotherhood's first real attempt at manufacturing a light tank that was of their own design. Battle reports from the latter part of the First Tiberium War claim that they were almost exclusively used by Nod's now infamous Black Hand. As such it's safe to assume that the tank was one of the many experimental technologies being field tested by the Special Forces group.

Featuring an auto-loaded main gun these compact vehicles required only a minimal crew, were faster and sported a much lower profile than the M3 Bradley, which was Nod's primary tank during that period.

After the First Tiberium War, the Instigator would only see a limited production run before being supplanted by the Scorpion Tank. However the vehicle has it's fair amount of supporters and is still seen in active service.


  • The Instigator is based on the Light Tank from Renegade. The name "Instigator" is not an official name and was given by the TI developers.

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