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The Kazuar Walker is an anti-personnel walker used by the Global Defense Initiative during the Second Tiberium War.

Official description

The Kazuar ISW (infantry support walker) was the first mass produced combat biped utilised by the GDI rebels during the insurrection conflict. These lightly armoured but high speed all terrain vehicles are equipped with dual .50 cal miniguns, gearing them towards infantry suppression. However, the Kazuar is also capable of engaging other lightly armoured targets.

In addition, the mechanised walker’s cockpit is large enough to carry two passengers, allowing the vehicle to act as a light infantry transport.[1]


  • Kazuar Walkers make their debut in Reincarnation, where they are used to clear out the Nod infantry in Turin, Italy, close to the Wellspring Tiberium field.


  • Kazuar (казуар) is Russian for cassowary, a flightless bird often called "the world's most dangerous bird".

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