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Lost is the twelfth Nod mission in Twisted Insurrection.



Our own brethren have turned against us ! How did we not see this? This rebellion must have been planned for quite some time. Our increased focus on the cybernetics program has always had its detractors but the malfunction must have been the justification they 've waited for.

Fools like these have doubted ever since the Sarajevo incident, refusing to believe that it was Kane himself that sanctioned this technology ! We shall settle this once and for all !

But for now your attention is needed at the Lazarus facility ! We can 't risk losing the materials required for the production line. With the underground labs held by these dissidents, we 're going to have to fight through to the secondary conversion centre, it 's the only safe-zone for miles. Escort the train to the other side of the facility and await further instruction !


Objective 1: Escort the train to safety.


Shortly after the Paladin incident, the entire facility fell into utter mayhem. Forces loyal to Sons of Kane took over the majority of the cyborg facility, including the rail system, storage areas, and the local airbase. While GDI took the opportunity and pushed all Nod forces from the north east section where the production line used to stand.

This is where the Commander comes in, having been tasked with escorting a bullet train loaded with data and equipment vital to the cyborg program. They utilized the remaining forces from the main cyborg facility (possibly even the Cyborg Templar) fighting through both the GDI assault force and Nod separatists, in the hopes of reaching the south eastern part of the instillation. Which was controlled by Nod loyalists forces.

However a piece of the rail track along the extraction route had been destroyed by the Sons of Kane, forcing the train to halt so that a Nod Machinist could repair the damage. Once the repairs were complete the train and it's remaining escorts were finally able to reach the secondary facility.