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Armour superiority.
—Mammoth Walker

The Mammoth Walker, also called the Armature, is a quadrupedal heavy walker constructed and deployed by the GDI during the Second Tiberium War.

Official description

This hulking behemoth represents the pinnacle of GDI weapons research. More than a spiritual successor to the famous Mammoth Tank, the Armature tops every other ground unit in strength and firepower. Sporting dual railguns, it packs twice the punch a Railgun Platform does. It can defend itself from air strikes with SAM batteries mounted on its back. Finally, the Armature is fitted with an EMP core. When activated, the device sends a circular, electromagnetic pulse, disabling any mechanical unit or structure, friend or foe, within its short range.

Because of the high cost of tech and supplies, only one can be constructed at a time.[1]


The Mammoth Walker uses the voiceset of the Mammoth tank from Tiberium Wars.


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