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Are you picking this up?
—Mark Jamison Sheppard

Mark Jamison Sheppard was the supreme commander of the Global Defense Initiative during the First Tiberium War. He directly ordered and supervised James Solomon.


After the First Tiberium War, GDI had lost total support from the United Nations and Sheppard was missing, feared dead. Right after Andrew Owen helped GloboTech in securing one of their fortified cities in France, Owen received a distress call from a convoy of GDI survivors led by Sheppard.

A team of GDI and GloboTech units was dispatched into the Nod-controlled area that Sheppard was trapped in, led by a GDI Commander. After locating Sheppard's team, the Commander escorted the General onto a Landingcraft for evacuation.

Alternative Fate

After evacuation from the beach, the GDI Commander eyed an abandoned GDI airbase for transport. Along the way to the airbase, Sheppard provided the Commander with several Skimmer LHV prototypes. When they arrived nearby, they find out that the airbase has already been taken over by Nod forces.

After a skirmish with Nod, the Commander secured the airbase and led Sheppard to be evacuated by air transport. But just as Sheppard was about to be evacuated, a Raven Bomber flies in and bombs the area, killing Sheppard.


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