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The Mobile Sensor Vehicle (MSV) is a sensor vehicle used by the GDI during the Second Tiberium War. The MSV can be deployed into an immobile Sensor Outpost, which can detect any hidden enemy within its radius.

Official description

Developed in an attempt to combat the Brotherhood’s increasing use of stealth technology, the Mobile Sensor Vehicle (MSV) has become a common sight within GDI controlled zones. The first prototypes were ordinary surveillance vehicles, upgraded with the best sensory equipment of the time. However, as Nod's stealth technology became ever more sophisticated, these MSV models could not meet expectations and were soon rendered obsolete.

After forming an alliance with GDI, the mega corporation GloboTech expressed mutual interest in depriving Nod of its advanced optical camouflage. With GDI experience in combating previous Lazarus fields and GloboTech’s resources it was only natural that they would pool together to develop the next generation mobile sensor platform. Propelled by GloboTech’s patient hover technology, the MSV can be deployed virtually anywhere. This design proved to be an instant success.

In order to operate, the MSV must first be deployed into a Sensor Outpost. Only then can the vehicle accurately detect and track enemy movement. The Sensor Outpost reveals any units, whether they were shrouded, cloaked or subterranean, within its sensor radius. If the Outpost operators detect any enemy units within range, the crew will sound an alarm alerting any nearby troops of the danger. The MSV is not entirely helpless whilst mobile, as it’s armed with a fixed .50 cal machine gun to defend itself.[1]


The Mobile Sensor Vehicle uses the voiceset of the Surveyor from Tiberium Wars.