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Brotherhood of Nod General

Tier 1 TI Nod Militant Cameo.png TI Nod Tank Hunter Cameo.png TI Nod Machinist Cameo.png
Tier 2 TI Nod Incinerator Cameo.png

Brotherhood of Nod Twisted Insurrection

Tier 2 TI Nod Ghost Cameo.png
Tier 3 TI Nod Infector Cameo.png TI Nod Cyborg Disciple Cameo.png TI Nod Cyborg Templar Cameo.png TI Nod Cyborg Paladin Cameo.png

Brotherhood of Nod Twisted Dawn

Tier 3 TD Nod Chemical Warrior Cameo.png TD Nod Commando Cameo.png