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Nikoomba's Demise

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1999. The dawn of a new millennium, and a new world order. The collective suffering of oppressed nations has given birth to a new organization: the Brotherhood of Nod, who vows to liberate the world from Western tyranny. Their campaign begins in Libya by removing a corrupt chieftain...

Invasion of Egypt

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For too many years, the Western nations have kept a stranglehold on Egypt. The Brotherhood begins the liberation of this ancient land by eliminating the nearby GDI garrison.


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The Sudanese government, with the support of GDI, has thrown a large number of political leaders supportive of Nod into prison camps. Kane wishes to free them, and so a contingent was sent to capture the prison facility.

Blight on Oum Hadjer

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The Chadian Civil War divides the country between GDI and Nod. GDI has been attempting to relocate civilians to new settlements, but Nod views these civilians as traitors to their cause. A task force has been dispatched to eliminate the GDI convoys and raze the settlements.

Mao Civil War

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GDI has been accused of inflaming the Chadian Civil War, stamping out pro-Nod insurgencies throughout the country. Nod sends a strike force near Mao to aid the rebels from a GDI incursion.


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Main article: Adrift

Nod has managed to capture a GDI Gunboat, but it's escort is stalled by GDI's coastal defenses. The defenses must be destroyed to allow the Gunboat to proceed safely up the river.

Warthog Hunt

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GDI air strikes have been hindering the Brotherhood's efforts in Niger. With the Gunboat at their disposal, Nod moves in to take out the GDI airbase.

Smash and Grab

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This mission is not yet available in the current version of Twisted Insurrection.