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Resolving target coordinates.
—Railgun Platform

The Phalanx Railgun is an advanced multi-purpose vehicle used by the Global Defense Initiative during the Second Tiberium War.

Official description

Before the Second Tiberium War, railguns were heavily researched by GloboTech as a means to defend from the ever-increasing meteor storms that threatened densely populated areas. The railguns were designed to shatter the meteors while in higher atmosphere; their fragments would be small enough to disintegrate before reaching the ground.

When the war broke loose between the two superpowers, GDI immediately saw the potential in these destructive weapons. They commissioned GloboTech to produce a single prototype which, unfortunately, was discovered and captured by Nod when they raided a GloboTech research facility. Due to the heroic actions of a GDI Commando squad, the facility was liberated and the prototype was secured.

GDI continued to further improve the design in their own R&D facilities, and eventually the Phalanx Railgun was finished, although it entered the battlefields late into the war. This heavy, dual-purpose vehicle can engage both air and ground targets with devastating accuracy. The weapon is designed to utilize kinetic energy rather than explosive rounds, making it effective against heavy armour but poor against small targets like, infantry. However, it must deploy in order to target air units. This position makes the vehicle vulnerable to ground attacks, so a company of Railgun Platforms or other ground units is recommended to defend the deployed tanks.[1]


  • Before version 0.8, this unit was named the Railgun Platform.
  • The Phalanx Railgun was based on the GDI Mobile Defence from Westwood's cancelled Command & Conquer 3: Incursion, and the real world Phalanx Defence System.

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