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The Phantom Tank is a stealth tank destroyer and artillery platform used by the Sons of Kane during the Second Tiberium War.

Official description

These large particle cannons have proven to be very effective against enemy fortifications and armoured targets, making them a vital supporting weapon in Nod's combat operations. Their speciality lies in reinforcing allied lines, or using their mid range tachyon weapon to punch holes in enemy positions.

However, as impressive as the Hammerhead's firepower is, the unit is slow moving, slow to recharge, and is lightly armoured. As such, they should never be left unprotected.[1]


  • Prior to version 0.9, this unit was called the Hammerhead Howitzer, with the role of being a siege unit. The change was made in v0.9 in attempt make it more useful and lessen overlap with other units.
  • In public builds prior to 0.8, the Hammerhead was a direct fire howitzer armed with high-explosive shells, that were effective against structures and infantry. As such it's said to have often overlapped with the Inferno Flame Tank. In 0.8, the Hammerhead's role was changed from anti-structure/anti-infantry to anti-structure/anti-tank, exchanging it's HE howitzer for a tachyon cannon. Due to this change the Hammerhead is now considered as overlapping with the Eclipse Tank or the GDI Phalanx Railgun, whilst being somewhat underwhelming in comparison.

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