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The Power Plant is one of GDI's most important structures. It provides power for their bases.

Official description

Power plants provide power for base structures and are critical to keeping base defences online.[1]


The Power Plant is GDI's main power production structure, with each providing 100 units of power. The Power Plant can receive a Reactor Upgrade if a GDI Technology Center is present, increasing the produced power of the plant from 100 to 200. This cost efficient upgrade allows the player to save money and building space for extra power plants.

Like the Core Reactor, if a Power Plant is destroyed, it will explode violently and damage any nearby ground units or buildings.


Twisted Insurrection

  • Power Plants first appear in the GDI campaign introduction sequence, where a pair of them are destroyed during Nod's assault on a GDI base in the aftermath of the First Tiberium War.
  • The Power Plant first appears as a buildable structure in Bridge Issue.

Twisted Dawn

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