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The Redeemer Drone is a four-legged combat walker used by the Brotherhood of Nod during the Second Tiberium War.


The Redeemer is a Brotherhood automated combat walker borne as a result of the advancements in robotics made by the cybernetics program. When it is not deployed it makes use of a 100mm cannon which it uses to eliminate enemy armored units and heavy infantry with ease. The most curious and unique ability of the Redeemer is that it can deploy into a stationary defense when needed and deploy it's advanced laser turret and automated repair systems. making the Redeemer a versatile unit capable of independent defensive or offensive operations.

The Redeemer is not an inexpensive unit, nor is the manufacturing process simple, thus Redeemer drones are only made available to the most trusted and experienced of Nod commanders who can best make use of their abilities.

Redeemers are used by some commanders as heavy support units for special strike forces due to their flexibility in dealing with a variety of threats.

Redeemers are most commonly seen, however, protecting Nod cybernetics facilities, serving as unfaltering sentinels who would bring the fury of Kane upon all who would dare intrude upon hollowed ground.

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