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Reincarnation is the fourth GDI mission in Twisted Insurrection.



Globotech has informed us of suspiciously high Nod activity near Turin, Italy. The Brotherhood has spread their forces throughout the urban center, but we doubt that the crumbling city is what they are actually interested in -- one of the largest Tiberium fields to date, codenamed Wellspring, sits at the edge of downtown. The last thing we want to do is allow the Brotherhood to exploit these resources.

You will conduct a covert raid on the Nod research facilities bordering downtown. We are equipping your task force with our new KAZUAR mechanized walkers. Their vulcan cannons can eliminate infantry with pinpoint accuracy.


Objective 1: Remove Nod presence from the city.

Objective 2: Destroy Nod 's Tiberium research facility.

Key units

TD GDI Medium Tank Cameo.png TI GDI Kazuar Cameo.png


The player begins with a small force of GDI units at a downtown train station, which is supplemented by detachment of Kazuars deployed via Chinooks. No more forces can be built or but another detachment of Kazuars will be delivered, there are also Chinooks carrying infantry - shot down by Nod anti-air - are scattered around the map. One of these Chinooks carried an engineer, who is able to repair a destroyed bridge to bypass Nod defenses.


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