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The Second Tiberium War, also known as the Insurrection Conflict[1], was a global struggle among the Global Defense Initiative, Brotherhood of Nod, and the GloboTech Corporation that erupted during the 2020s.


Aftermath of the Dawn

The end of the First Tiberium War saw a Nod victory. The Ion Cannon strike on the White House left GDI with global condemnation, resulting in cut funding and restructuring by the United Nations. With GDI out of the way, Nod was free to pursue their global ambitions.

The worldwide proliferation of Tiberium led to a global environmental disaster, while countries either descend into anarchy or are overthrown by the Brotherhood. The United Nations became overburdened by one humanitarian crisis after another. Exacerbated by Nod agents and provocateurs infiltrating the organization, the United Nations soon collapsed under its own weight. The remnants of GDI were forced to fend themselves from the Brotherhood's onslaught.

A Corporate World

The introduction of Tiberium back in 1995 provided great opportunities in wealth to some and to others, massive financial disaster. Only the most largest and influential corporations were able to survive the change Tiberium brought to the global economy.

Desperate Measures

Sarajevo Incident

In late 2019, Kane goes missing when the Sarajevo Temple is consumed by a large Tiberium-based detonation. The explosion left detrimental effects throughout southeastern Europe. The loss of the messiah left the Brotherhood in a state of anger and confusion, and though the Inner Circle collectively assumed the leadership of Nod. The chaos within the Brotherhood allowed for GloboTech to conceal GDI's efforts at rebuilding.


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