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The Shadow Stealth Tank is an advanced Nod support vehicle used in the Second Tiberium War. A second-generation stealth tank, it is a successor to the Ezekiel's Wheel.

Official description

Seeing the potential of their newly acquired Anti-Gravity technology, the Inner Circle commissioned the next generation Stealth Tank. Once the prototype had passed its trial phase, the tank was quickly rushed into production, consigning the old Ezekiel's Wheel to Nod's reserve detachments.

The new Shadow Stealth Tank can traverse bodies of water while maintaining a higher speed than it’s predecessor. This new ability allows the Shadow to sneak into enemy territory via previously unexpected vectors, such as rivers or lakes, and thus decrease it’s chances of detection. The weapons system was also upgraded, replacing the twin tube missile launcher of the prior model with dual tri-missile pods mounted on either side of the turret.

However, like it's forebear it forgoes any significant armour plating, valuing speed, maneuverability, and a more subtle stealth profile. This sacrifice means that the Shadow continues the tradition of being extremely vulnerable once detected.

Caution is advised when commanding a squadron of these tanks, as their repulsor fields will cause a telltale ripple as they traverse water. Furthermore, if a member of a unit is eliminated by the enemy, it’s repulsor drives will rip free of the ruined chassis. These will then fly off in all directions before exploding and potentially exposing any nearby allies.[1]

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