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Shepherd and his Flock is the third GDI mission in Twisted Insurrection.



We have an urgent task for you Commander. Just a few minutes ago, we received a distress call from General Sheppard. He went missing after the UN hearings in Geneve, apparently he 's been gathering what GDI patriots he could while evading Nod hunters. Now they 're trapped in enemy territory and cannot break out on their own -- an extraction team must be assembled.

If we can rescue Sheppard, it would be a major boost to morale ! Sheppard 's survival and the help of our new Globotech allies might be just enough to get GDI back on its feet.


Objective: Find & evacuate General Sheppard.

Key units

TI GDI Sniper Cameo.png TD GDI APC Cameo.png TD GDI MLRS Cameo.png TI GT Ambulance Cameo.png


Finding Sheppard

GDI High Command receives a distress call from the famed General Sheppard, previously thought to be dead. The General gathered what survivors he could into a convoy, but his team is trapped in a region swarming with Nod soldiers.

An extraction team consisting of GDI and GloboTech forces is sent out to save Sheppard. The team engages Recon Bikes and Buggies while moving up the shoreline. They also take out the defending Gun Turrets to clear way for the Landingcraft.

With Ambulances and Medics in the team, the GDI and GloboTech infantry got immediate treatment after each firefight, but the Vanguards, APCs, and Humvees sustain the brunt of the attacks as the team slowly pushed into the valley. Along the way, the team manages to destroy parts of the Nod base in the region.

Escorting the General

With General Sheppard found safe, the extraction team moves out to escort the General to the beach. However, Nod reinforcements had arrived to prevent their exit. After a series of engagements, the GDI and GloboTech forces cleared the way to the beach, where the evac Landingcraft arrives to transport Sheppard.



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