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The Sons of Kane (often abbreviated as SoK) is one of the two subfactions of the Brotherhood of Nod.

The Sons of Kane were a splinter faction within the Nod. Formed during the Second Tiberium War, they were opposed to the Inner Circle's use of cybernetic technology, believing it to be a deviation from Kane's vision of Divination.

Official description

The SONS OF KANE is a Nod splinter group opposed to cybernetics, which they see as tainting Kane's true vision. The Sons rely on Nod's proven guerilla and terror tactics while employing powerful new stealth units.[1]


It is not known how long the Sons of Kane have been active for, but it has been inferred that they have been steadily gathering support since the Sarajevo disaster in 2019. However, the Sons of Kane really rose to prominence in the wake of the the prototype Cyborg Paladin's rampage. Having seen the level of death and destruction the malfunctioning unit inflicted on the primary cybernetics facility, the son’s declared that the Inner Circle were heretics. Intent on consolidating their own power, and the cyborg program a perversion of Kane’s vision. They then launched their own attack on the complex, if it wasn’t for the intervention of the Nod Commander, they would have likely crippled the program beyond repair.

The Sons of Kane are known to have directly fought GDI on one occasion, when they besieged GDI's facility holding the Mammoth Walker prototype. The attack failed and their Banshee research labs were destroyed.

The intra-Nod conflict was seemingly resolved when a Brotherhood taskforce was sent to retrieve data from the Sarajevo Temple, which revealed that it was Kane himself that had authorized Project ReGenesis. Resulting in the majority of the Sons of Kane being brought back into the fold, their research on the Banshee fighter bomber and 'Shadow' Stealth tank would assist Nod in later operations. It is currently unknown if there are any remaining members who refused to rejoin the Brotherhood.



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  • Before version 0.7, the subfaction was called the New Brotherhood.

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