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Storm the Beachhead is the first GDI Twisted Dawn mission.


Commander, once the enemy defences have been breached, Colonel Carter can sneak your taskforce ashore. Your mission is simple, knockout all fortifications, eliminate all Nod troops so we can establish a beachhead. Good luck.

Objective 1: Clear the landing zone so you can safely deploy your base.


Securing the Beachhead

Following Nod's success across Africa and Eastern Europe, the United Nations authorized GDI to engage Nod openly. To begin their invasion of Nod-controlled Europe, GDI launched an amphibious assault led by Colonel J.C. Carter and James Solomon on the coast of Estonia.

The landing beach was guarded by several Gun Turrets which exchanged fire with a GDI Gunboat. Although the GDI landing was made under enemy fire, light infantry supported by light vehicles and fire support from the gunboat manage to gain the upper hand, allowing GDI to establish a beachhead to bypass Nod's defenses. James Solomon's forces set up a base with an MCV and hunted down all remaining Nod forces in the area.

Knocking out the Refinery Base

Despite the success, J.C. Carter's task force encountered heavy resistance when attempting to move inland. Nod has setup resourcing operations near the beachhead and defended them with a fierce counterattack that took out the GDI Construction Yard near the landing site.

Carter's detachment was threatened to be driven back to the sea, but James Solomon took command of a relief force aiming to restore GDI's position and take out Nod's refinery base. After an MCV arrived to establish a new Construction Yard, Solomon consolidated the GDI forces and attacked the base. Solomon was advised to capture the Tiberium Refinery for any new intel.

Having lost their position in Estonia, the Brotherhood was forced to retreat east to Ukraine and Romania. Solomon's forces were later ordered to take out SAM sites in Latvia.



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