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The Temple of Nod is the heart of the Brotherhood. It serves as Nod's superweapon structure, capable of launching the Apocalypse Missile against the enemies of Kane.

Official description

The Temple of Nod is an architectural wonder, a monolithic structure that enemies fear. It functions as a high-class technology research center, providing the plans and equipment needed for highly powered and technologically advanced units and structures. The Temple itself is equipped with heavy armour, capable of withstanding an immense amount of damage. The structure also has a secondary function; it houses a superweapon known as the Apocalypse Missile. Like the name suggests, it can level entire battlefields with one strike.[1]

Apocalypse Missile

TI Nod Apocalypse Cameo.png

The Apocalypse Missile, once fully prepared, can be launched anywhere on the battlefield. The explosion from the Apocalypse can level large portions of an enemy's base, leaving behind a great conflagration and a large amount of toxic Tiberium gas clouds.

General tips

  • Superweapons are expensive and power hungry. In some circumstances, it may be more beneficial to spend credits on other buildings or units.
  • Unlike the Ion Cannon strike, the activation of an Apocalypse Missile strike notifies all players via an EVA announcement.
  • Superweapons do not guarantee victory. Apart from a long cooldown between activations, an experienced enemy player can destroy a superweapon before it is even activated.
  • Unlike superweapons in latter games (such as Red Alert 2 and Generals), superweapons in Twisted Insurrection (and Tiberian Sun) are not as totally destructive. However, it is still possible to destroy an enemy's construction yard (or any other structure) with a well-placed strike from the Apocalypse Missile.

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