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Tiberian fiends are large, doglike animals that inhabit the Tiberium-infested zones. They are vicious predators that live within dense Tiberium fields. Some fiends of the Riparius strain have been domesticated by Forsaken, serving as watchdogs.

Official description

Vicious predators known for secreting themselves within Tiberium fields, it's hypothesised that these carnivores are derived from one of the following terrestrial taxonomic families: Canidae, Equida but most likely Suidae. Fiends are large quadrupeds with oily dark skin and a pair of large goring tusks but their most defining feature is a thick Tiberium growth that has erupted from their hide. This growth allows them to blend in with their surroundings, where they will patiently await their prey (usually Striders/Spring Worms). Once their quarry enters range the Tiberian Fiend will proceed to attack by rapidly flinging these shards at the target.

Tiberian Fiends are fiercely territorial having been known to attack patrols, harvesting operations and even small outposts. However they posses a level of cunning and intellect that is amenable to a certain degree of domestication, but this is a task that only the Forsaken have managed to achieve.

Fiends come in four variations, each one correlating with the known strains of Tiberium. It is currently unclear as to how Fiends take on these characteristics, some speculate that they may have a symbiotic relationship with their host field, allowing it to take root on their hides supplanting their previous growth. Another hypothesis is that it is a natural part of their life cycle, that the Tiberium maturates depending on time and how well the predator has done. As such seeing these variations could be a sign of a successful elder.[1]