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Who shall we smite?!
—Tremor Artillery

The Tremor Artillery is a deployable artillery unit of the Brotherhood of Nod. It moves underground, allowing it to bypass terrain obstacles or enemy strongpoints and then deploy for surprise barrages.

Official description

Artillery has always been an important part of the Brotherhood’s Arsenal. Although the M110 was an effective artillery, it suffered from a high casualty rate while in transit to their assigned objectives. With the development of advanced drilling equipment, Nod's engineer corps decided upon a somewhat unusual solution. The Tremor Artillery was built to travel to its destination underground; this mode of transport gives the artillery excellent protection and stealth.

To protect its cannon from being damaged whilst in transit, it is shielded by a large armoured compartment that falls down the sides of the vehicle when deploying, becoming armoured skirts that protect the rear wheels. The 155mm Artillery Cannon then telescopically extends into the firing position, ready to bombard enemy forces. Due-to its huge size and heavy weaponry, the Tremor is unable to move very fast whilst surfaced and cannot protect itself from enemy aircraft or close combat units. As such, it should never be left un-escorted.[1]


  • Before version 0.6.5, this unit was named the Mole Artillery.

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