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The United Nations was an intergovernmental organization tasked with preventing another world war. It was disbanded after Nod's victory in the First Tiberium War.


Founded after the Second World War, the United Nations aimed to provide a place for international dialogue, facilitate cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress and human rights, to stop wars, and to promote world peace.

In response to the growing threat that terrorism poses to the international world order, the Global Defense Initiative was founded in accordance with the United Nations Global Defense Act (UNGDA), on the date of 12 October 1995.

First Tiberium War

After the destruction of the Grain Trade Center in Vienna, the United Nations authorized the Global Defense Initiative to openly engage Nod forces, triggering the First Tiberium War. Under the supervision of the UN, GDI waged open war against Nod.

Despite GDI's best efforts in liberating Europe from Nod's control, Nod forces managed to take control of the Ion Cannon network from the GDI base in South Africa. The White House was destroyed by an Ion Cannon strike, and GDI was publicly condemned and humiliated. GDI eventually lost substantial funding from the United Nations and the G7 nations, allowing Nod to easily reconquer lost territory and become a dominant superpower.


Having lost the war, the United Nations was left in disarray. The widespread growth of Tiberium has led to a worldwide environmental disaster, while countries either descend into anarchy or are overthrown by Nod. With Nod agents and provocateurs having infiltrated the organization, the United Nations was finally disbanded three years after the end of the First Tiberium War.