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Unity is the first and only released GloboTech mission as of version 0.8.[1]


Good evening, Commander. I'm chief operating officer, Conan Steele. This evening we received an anonymous tip that one of our safe-cities, Zeta City, is to be the target of a terrorist attack. All of this is purely rumor and baseless speculation, of course, but we can't risk taking these threats lightly right now. A large portion of our Zeta City garrison has been diverted away from the city to serve as my escorts -- I am attending a meeting tonight with GDI's General Owen regarding a potential business agreement, or as he's termed it, an "alliance".

While we are away, please keep a vigilant watch over the city. If the terrorist threats turn out to be true, use everything in your power to prevent them from doing any damage! I understand that casualties may be a possibility, but -- please, do everything in your power to minimize them.

Objective 1: Protect Zeta City from any and all terrorist actions


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