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The Uplink Center serves as a superior communications center and GDI's superweapon structure, granting commanders access and control to the orbital Ion Cannon.

Official description

The Uplink Centre allows targeting control of GDI’s orbital Ion Cannon weapon. Without this control, the Ion Cannon cannot be used. The Uplink centre also doubles as a Radar in-case the Communications Centre happens to be down.[1]


Ion Cannon

TI GDI Ion Cannon.png

Once the Ion Cannon has reached geosynchronous orbit and is charged up, it can fire on any position on the battlefield. The Ion Cannon unleashes a devastating blast that can destroy a portion of a base and vaporize any units unfortunate to be in its radius.

General tips

  • Superweapons are expensive and power hungry. In some circumstances it may be more beneficial to spend credits on other buildings or units.
  • Unlike the Apocalypse Missile strike, the activation of an Ion Cannon strike does not notify any players via an EVA announcement.
  • Superweapons do not guarantee victory. Apart from a long cooldown between activations, an experienced enemy player can destroy a superweapon before it is even activated.
  • Unlike superweapons in latter games (such as Red Alert 2 and Generals), superweapons in Twisted Insurrection (and Tiberian Sun) are not as totally destructive. It is better to use superweapons to take out concentrated positions rather than attempting to level a part of an enemy's base.

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