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The Warehouse is a structure that can produce GloboTech ground vehicles for commanders when captured by their Engineers or Machinists.

Official description

The GloboTech Warehouses contain lots of useful technology and weaponry which can be used by your own forces once captured. You will be able to construct every vehicle in the GloboTech arsenal once a Warehouse is under your control.[1]


The Warehouse can produce the following vehicles:

Cameo Name Description
TI GT Harvester Cameo.png
TI GT Humvee Cameo.png
  • GloboTech's anti-personnel recon transport
  • Armed with a HMG that is effective against infantry
  • Has 2 passenger slots
TI GT Ambulance Cameo.png
  • GloboTech's unarmed support vehicle
  • Can deploy into a Medical Station to heal wounded friendly infantry
  • Requires a GloboTech GloboTech Barracks and a GloboTech Hospital to be produced
TI GT Vanguard Cameo.png
Vanguard Tank
  • GloboTech's light main battle tank
  • Armed with a 55mm cannon for vehicular threats
TI GT Sentinel Cameo.png
  • GloboTech's anti-armour robotic walker
  • Fires rapid anti-armour energy rounds effective against most armoured ground units
TI GT MRV Cameo.png
Mobile Repair Vehicle
  • GloboTech's armoured troop transport
  • Repairs friendly vehicles
  • Requires an GloboTech Armoury to be produced
TI GT Armadillo Cameo.png
Armadillo APC
  • GloboTech's advanced armoured personnel carrier
  • Armed with TOW missiles to deal with vehicular threats
  • Has 10 passenger slots
  • Requires a Global Defense Initiative Communications Center or a Brotherhood of Nod Radar
TI GT Lancer Cameo.png
SSAM Launcher
  • GloboTech's long-range anti-air and artillery
  • Armed with 227mm missiles effective against aircraft and ground targets at a distance
  • Requires an GloboTech Armoury to be produced
TI GT Super Goliath Cameo.png
Super Goliath
TI GT Disruptor Cameo.png

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