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Personnel carrier at your service!
—Wasp APC

The Wasp APC is a hover troop transport used by the GDI in the Second Tiberium War. The APC is armed with an EMP turret that can temporarily disable an enemy vehicle, and each APC can transport up to 8 infantry units.

Official description

Due to the ever increasing thorn infestation, conventional amphibious assaults were deemed too risky. Commissioned to counter this problem the 'Wasp' APC was designed to circumvent underwater thorn infestations by hovering safely above it.

Capable of carrying up to a total of eight soldiers across the battlefield the Wasp is more than just a troop transport. These APC's are armed with a small Electro-Magnetic beam weapon that can temporarily disable a single enemy vehicle or structure at a time, the effect is very short-lasting however due-to the high energy demands on such a small vehicle.

Unfortunately for GDI severe Tiberium-related weather such as Ion Storms are becoming more frequent causing yet more problems for GDI's amphibious assault program.[1]

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